As of today, AfricaQuoted is the only web museum exclusive to quotable quotes by Africans and about Africa. Our goal is to inspire, educate and entertain audiences of all ages by producing the largest bank of Africa-focused quotations from history's most influential figures to today's hottest topics. Because we believe that any human being has the ability to influence others no matter how famous or educated he/she may be, we also welcome the wise words of the regular men and women who have something to say. Our mission is to give a voice to Africa as a whole.

We are still fairly new!
The adventure has just started and we are already proud of the quotes that have been collected. The present soft launch is an occasion for us to give an early taste of Africa Quoted to our first audience and communicate our vision. This is also an opportunity for all to closely experience the growth of Africa Quoted from the beginning. We are also inviting any person interested in our mission to join us.



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Africa Quoted is a free social platform. It can be browsed anonymously and its content may be used as needed. We reproduce fractions of statements expressed by people from Africa and by people about Africa. Our platform features quotes including punchlines, tweets on different subjects such as politics, love and music.

Be advised. Some quotes may be inappropriate for the younger audience as we also retrieve quotes on topics such as sex and war however we do not publish information too graphic or tasteless for our users.

Africa Quoted does not own the rights to most quotes and images.

Although we aim at perfection, we agree that mistakes do happen. Therefore, users are more than welcome to notify us in case of misattribution and/or spelling errors by sending a message via our contact form.

Also, if you would like your property  removed from this site, please contact us and we will gladly do so.

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